Founder: Andria Mayberry 


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Andria Mayberry better known as "Ms. Berry", is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. She is recognized for her tenacity and business savvy as a Mom and Manager to her son, Empire Superstar, Bryshere Gray.  Gray plays Hakeem on the hit series. She is currently trailblazing her way as a motivational speaker, philanthropist, emerging sleepwear designer, and author. For the past 17 years she has maintained a position in the medical field. She presently oversees 3 critical care units in a hospital while managing her business ventures. She has recently started her foundation Ms. Berry Cares which provides resources and empowerment to parents of children striving for stardom.


"My calling is to empower and encourage the parents to stay involved in the dreams of their children", Mayberry continues, "I was a single mother holding down two jobs while managing my son's career. I can now take my knowledge and experiences and pass it on to parents that are where I once was." 

-Andria Mayberry


Andria Mayberry is a true example of what a mother's love and sacrifice can accomplish. She will continue her quest to inspire all parents to keep pushing, striving, and fighting for their children.